Happy… for now.

Finally, paper 3 chemistry october/november is done through! no more worrying about Chemistry IGCSE!

well there is still paper 1 but it’s not as bad as paper 3! but I will still study for it…DUH.  I’m relaxed…for now. I have to decide wether or not I should take A/AS level. and on what subject. I have to decide wether I’m gonna stay in my current high school. It’s so hard….I’m a very indeciseive person… and I wish i wasn’t so indecisive! it makes life harder ya know.

I need to know what university or college I wanna go to… and what major! argh! so many to think about! and it’s not just stuff that I could take so lightly… it’s serious bussiness.

oh well we’ll see what happens next =]


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