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love animals yo!

October 21, 2008

a couple days ago, while i was on my way to play tennis, i saw this goat on the road and when i got a closer look, it’s upper half is gone but it was still moving.

it was really sad and what ticks me off is that why did whoever had the goat or those goats(there were more goats) didnt put them in a pen…so it could prevent these poor animals being killed. okay maybe no one owned them but aaaaaarrgh it was sooo sad.. :(( i saw a cat that was in the same situation as this but atleast the guy who ran over it came out of the car and was going to pick it up or do something about it.

seeing animals being treated poorly here is so sad. jeez animals has feelings too ya know. aargh just thinking about those ppl who doesn’t give a crap about animal cruelty ticks me off.. it makes me so sad.


Hello world!

October 19, 2008

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